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Cypress Hall Kitchen + Bar

219 Middle Street
New Bern, NC 28560

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Hours of Operation

Effective Thursday, July 9th at 5pm:
Regular dine-in hours are as follows:
Tues + Wed: 12-3 Lunch; 5-9 Dinner
Thurs + Fri: 12-3 Lunch; 5-10 Dinner
Sat: 11-3 Lunch | Brunch; 5-10 Dinner
Sun: 11-3 Lunch | Brunch; 5-9 Dinner
Mon: Closed

Bar seating is available:
Tues + Wed: 12-9
Thurs + Fri: 12-10
Sat: 11-10
Sun: 11-9
Mon: Closed

Takeout is available Tues – Sun: 12-9

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